About us

With Live Statistics, get live numbers updated in real time! We aim at making you discover striking statistics calculated to the millisecond.

Live statistics gives visibility to environmental statistics as well as economic ones or unusual ones: from the number of births to the turnover achieved by human trafficking. You will discover the evolution of the most stunning data in a format that makes you think.

You are able to vote for the statistics that surprise you, strike you, intrigue you or amuse you: you can comment, share on social networks and make go higher in the ranking the numbers that call you to mind.

The team

Live Statistics is run by a Parisian team of volunteers with the goal of making world statistics available to a wide audience around the world. We have no governmental or corporate affiliation.

  • Christophe DO OUTEIRO Creator & Web Designer

    As a graduated entrepreneur and web developer, he is passionate about the World Wide Web and about new technologies. His wish to share his drive for statistics led him to develop a playful and interactive framework.

  • Matthieu KASSIAN Creator & Main Developer

    Entrepreneur from his youngest age, he graduated in computer science and is a natural autodidact. His ability to design and develop applications efficiently makes him a major asset in the development of the project.

  • Elisa NOGUEIRA Co-Founder, Business Development

    As a student in Finance at the University Paris-Dauphine, she is passionate about the world of startups. Strengthened by her skillfulness and creative thinking, she is in charge of the main strategic development of the application.

  • Sarah BENSIMON Research & Web Marketing

    As a student in Business and Digital Marketing at the University IUT Paris Descartes and thanks to her extensive knowledge in the field of communication and social networks, she is the Marketing asset of the team.